Welcome to my world!

Everything I produce is an extension of my heart and soul. I'm a passionate artivist (a combination of an artist + an activist) and a human rights advocate. Randistic is a platform where I tell stories about human rights and mental health through the use of art, performance and makeup.

I chose makeup because I absolutely love it. It’s an unusual choice when it comes to activism and that’s exactly why I chose it, for the juxtaposition. Makeup is perceived as a dis-empowering machine to women because it's marketed as a way to conform to society's beauty standards and to cover up our so-called insecurities. However, I aim to break the stereotype and show that makeup is neither inherently sexist nor feminist; the products themselves can be used as artistic tools to deliver messages based on the artist’s preference.

I aim to create a new face for activism using makeup with a vision to break the stereotypes around it. Moreover, I aim to create a safe space for people to share their stories and discuss sensitive social issues through art.


  • feminist

  • one who uses makeup for activism

  • one who uses art to tell stories

  • artivist born and raised in Palestine

  • one who uses art as an extension of their heart and soul

  • art that is fueled by strong emotions

    Synonyms: Rand Jarallah, art, artist, artivist, storyteller, self expression, self reflection.